"Art is an international language," Ho Thanh Duc says,"It is a way to communicate your secret thoughts." But although he feels beauty is universally understood, he locks these secret messages in a world of symbolism...
"In art, melancholy endures longer than joy," Ho Thanh Duc declares...

Peggy Steinle from Orientation (11/ 1970)

"Literature and painting arts originated from linear designs. Chinese characters also come from these lines. People want to draw the images of the universe and human being through their languages. Therefore, we can say that linear designs are source of literature and painting arts."
... "In BeKy's art world, all characters, movable or immovable objects, illumminate through Enlightenment, have innocent and spontaneous sketches."
... "Her objects express the art of pure, sincere, real, sweet, and simple as if nothing, even color paints, is able to contaminate or destroy them."

Vietnamese woman writer Thuy Khue from Yen Co (01/ 1997)